Monday, October 29, 2012

Top 5 Halloween costume ideas

Since it's almost Halloween, here are some Halloween costume ideas...

1. Be scary as possible! Use prosthetic make up. Here's an example.
Photo by Focalpoint Photography
2. Veer away from the traditional scary looks. There are lots of famous villains and weird characters. Dress like them! Here are samples. Vhong Navarro did Edward Scissorhards in today's It's Showtime Halloween special.

3. Go grand - dress like a robot! I had an officemate who dressed like Bumblebee once. He won the contest of course and everybody suddenly wants to have a picture taken with him. The only problem was he had trouble eating or even sitting haha... Shaider? (gosh, this tells my age! haha)

4. If you don't want grand and you have little time, go for characters you know - your childhood heroes. You can dress like sailormoon, zorro, etc.

5. Don't go alone - dress as a group ensemble! It's more fun to be silly with other people =p You can dress as the Addam's family, star wars, etc.
But if you really want crazy - you can come as you are... hahaha =p
Happy Halloween guys! =)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Bank that's really making it easy

Let's make it easy, BPI says... And indeed they're true to their words.

Their latest promo shown above is not even half as enticing as the underlying intent. Yes, the exciting prizes will be given to those who will open a Jumpstart before December 15, 2012. However, the real exciting part is that Jumpstart helps parents to save for their kids in a fun and easy way, i.e, for only Php100 initial deposit, the child can already own a savings account!  How about that? Parents, isn't that easy? Caring?

So parents and kids are taken cared of. How about the yuppies, family builders and young entrepreneurs?

A personal loan you can customize!!! How many banks actually offer such? BPI Family Housing Loan can offer you a downpayment as low as 10% and as long as 25 years to pay. A borrower may also have payment holidays once a year with their Housing Loan Pay Break. Now that's what you call "customerization". BPI understands what their customer needs and they work to provide them those needs.

But wait, there's more! In their Facebook fan page (!/bpi?fref=ts), BPI created an app that allows anyone to talk to their finance professionals. BPI Banker's Online (!/bpi/app_2390961795299 )provides people with finance advices while Let's Talk About Your dreams (!/bpi/app_197602066931325 ) provides you with answers to your financial queries. In BPI Banker's Online app, you have a choice of finance professional you'd like to talk to, each specializing on key areas.

So how easy banking could be? Real damn easy with BPI. You may check it for yourself, visit BPI's Facebook fan page (!/bpi ). They even have cool lifestyle tips, a fun personalized videoke material that you can send to your special someone, and useful advisories. I can't help myself but LIKE the fan page.

Times are hard? Let BPI make it easy... =)